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The brown bears faunal area was inaugurated in summer 1994.
The creation of this area was suggested since 1991 by Spormaggiore Proloco Association and it has been planned for the survival of last specimen in their natural state present only in the area of Spormaggiore.
In spring 1994, following the agreements between the municipalities of Spormaggiore and Trento and the Autonomous Province of Trento, which sponsored and promoted the interventions, works started and finished in Autumn of the same year.

The main aim of the project wanted by P.A.T., was the creation of a better habitat for those bears living in captivity in Sardagna and Gocciadoro (Municipality of Trento).

The naturalistic area also covers the following tasks:

Recreative – turistic task. The area is good for a walk in a natural environment and for watching some brown bears specimens in their natural habitat;

Didactic task. The compound is linked with the Visitors Centre of the Adamello Brenta Park lodged in “Corte Franca” palais in Spormaggiore.
The Centre deals in detail with the presence and survival of the brown bear in the Park and in Trentino in general;

Scientific task. Since its extension and environmental characteristics, the faunal area allows studies on some behavioural characteristic of bears;

Conservative task. It has the aim to preserve in good environmental and sanitary conditions those bears which lived in a painful captivity state.
The faunal area is in the outskirts of Spormaggiore, at Albarè-Plan della Fontana and it has been established bounding by a masonry and metal fence the pre-existent wood.
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The compound, which extension is about 7000 square meters, is equipped with four artificial dens for the daily shelter and wintering of bears.
A video room with 20 seats allows the watching of documentaries dealing with the Adamello Brenta Park and the brown bear. Moreover, thanks to a television closed circuit equipment with infrared rays it is possible to follow the bears’ behaviour during the dormancy.
Plants like beeches, firs and larches, areas overgrown with bushes alternated with open areas, a small river with waterfalls and pools well recreate the typical bear environment.

Since 1994 the Park has given shelter to bears coming from different zoological gardens. Presently it hosts three female bears.
  • The female coming from Sardagna (TN) which name is “Bel” and was born in 1966;
  • The two twin sisters which name are “Cleo and Cora” and born in 1996 at San Romedio.

The brown bears faunal area Nearby the area there is a video room with 20 seats from which is possible to watch the bears’ behaviour during the dormancy (from December to March) thanks to a television closed circuit equipment with infrared rays located inside the dens.

In the same room, during summer, it has been organised the watching of documentaries dealing with the bears and the natural wonders of the Adamello Brenta Park.
Thanks to the literature at the disposal of visitors at the stand, well prepared staff guarantees further information and curiosities about the bears habits as well.

For further information and booking guided visits to the faunal area during the summer season please call : Tel 0461 653622


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