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Like on the palette's painter, the nature's color in Spormaggiore melt with the daylight creating, every season and in the different hours of day, thousand tonality and gradations.

Castel BelfortSpormaggiore find oneself in the depht of this picture, where we find the more pretty natural expressions. Spormaggiore is a centre of the plateau's Paganella; the territory is most included in the boundaries of Natural Park "Adamello- Brenta", kingdom of last authentic brown bear of Alpi.

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The castle “Belfort”, the court “Franca” and the church of “S. Vigilio” are the more suggestive proofs of a life organized since medieval age. The community of Spormaggiore, inspired to the model of agricultural economy of half- mountain, after had reached time’s suffering and emigration, today is given up with quiet to the farming of orchards; there are also little and middle firms artisans.


A land where to live oneself absorbed in the nature, savouring her every day during the walks in the woods near the houses or across boundlesses meadows and orchards that create an incomparable fascination. To choose Spormaggiore means to earn a holiday full and satisfying. For remember the past was complete a valuable work of recovery’s court “Franca”, where lived noble families of Tyrol. Now she is the seat’s visitors of the park “Adamello- Brenta”; attentions and cares are dedicate to the castle “Belfort” too.

spormaggiore 46This is of XIV century and is rich of historic meanings and of legends; the castle is on the street for t6he plateau’s Paganella. Also the gotich church of “S. Vigilio” was restored with important works, rich of frescoes and intaglios wooden. Today the church is a national monument.

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